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Bridget Warns owner and head trainer of VIDA...

'Very Important Dog Activities' 

Welcome to VIDA ....

I started VIDA to follow my heart and passion for learning with dogs. To guide owners and their dogs in building a new relationship and stronger bonds of understanding and empathy.

When I was young, I was actually afraid of dogs due to a a big dog jumping up at me !  ( How ironic hey ! ) However, we did have a large menagerie of other animals including goats, chickens, rabbits, terrapins, ducks, finches, budgies etc you name it, we had it, ...everything apart from dogs or pigs !

I fell in love with dogs in my early 20's when I got my first German Shepherd called Ody. He was a rescue and around 4-5 months old. He was huge even at that age and I always thought he should've been a police dog. At the time we were living in a one bed flat above a shop! It wasn't ideal but, we made it work. In fact, because of where we lived it meant we had to put him on lead for toilet breaks etc ( no just letting him out into a garden) so his 'on lead' training began without us even really thinking about it.

He was a quick learner, boisterous and hadn't met that many people, so I signed us up to the local dog training classes and ...that was my first step in to my dog training journey. Dog training was completely new to me and so the training bug had bitten .... !

Over the following years learning and training my various dogs ( Gsds, Whippet & German S/H Pointer) I learnt from my mistakes and gained further experience in various training clubs. 

I was was eventually told that I really should look at becoming a 'trainer' and get signed up for an Instructors course ! 

This is where my pathway to teaching people with dogs truly started. It was scary stepping up in to the world of Instructing rather than being the learner. I have since attended several Instructor training courses, countless workshops and seminars and studied/followed the trainers I  admired. 

By 2013 I had become Head Instructor at a large KC Listed Obedience Club, and had been Instructing all levels of the KC Good Citizens Dog Scheme for the past 7 years. But... I kept seeing how training methods and ethos had evolved and moved on significantly. 'Beginners' were more likely to be rescue or re-homed dogs, not new 12 week old puppies, and I now felt that I had the knowledge and skills to offer something new to the rescue dogs  owners. So, in 2013 VIDA Rescue Dog Training was born ! 

I had two very good training friends who 'leaped' with me at the same time, Paula Dexter ( RIP)  & Carol Mason. Together we bashed our heads together, planned, discussed, managed to set up the website, and got our heads around exactly what it was we wanted to offer...we all had ( black!) Rescue dogs so this was our focus. I certainly couldn't have done it without them : ) In fact VIDA was very nearly named ' Black Dog Club ' !

 During this time I also found the Pet Dog Training Instructors family (PDTI), and it really is a ' family,'  Their amazing comradeship, friendliness and support helped to bolster my confidence, grow my knowledge and give me many good friends.

Having gained my PPDTI Advanced Award with Excellence, and already having an HNC / Foundation Degree in Animal Science & Welfare and a 1st Grade Instructor Award with the BIPDT ( British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers), I am now proud to be a Pink Tutor on their yearly Instructors course and am also a Professional member of the PDTI organisation.

More recently I have completed:- Authorised Trainer for ScentworkUk levels 1-4

IABTC L1 C & T1 Certificate.

School of Canine Science Puppy Lab Programme

And so here I am today, still loving the learning and my dogs : )

I've met so many amazing owners and dogs over the time we've been running ( many are still good friends), all doing their absolute best they can for their dogs.

I'm still learning - you can never know it all  and our dogs are our best teachers. Im enjoying new aspects to my training adventure. with one BIG adventure just starting!

I really look forward to meeting you and your dogs,  helping you solve issues, learn new skills and move your relationship forward  : )