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One-off classes at our training venue.


Our recall workshop is held at our training venue in Brundall, and is suitable for puppies, adult dogs and any other dogs that don't return! 

We run group training on recall, helping you to get your dog to come back when called. We also look at why recalls can fail, and then teach and practice new skills to avoid that, so that you can rely on your dog to return each time. 

Workshop runs for 3 hours.


Is your dog great while you're at home or indoors and does all that you ask, but completely different once you're out and about in the real world?

Our distracted dog workshop is held at our training venue at Brudall, and works to increase your dog's engagement and focus when they are presented with distractions.


Workshop runs for 3 hours. 


Walking your dog on the lead should be pleasant for both you and your dog, but sometimes it's a struggle! 

Our lead walking workshop is held at our training venue in Brundall and aims to help you understand why your dog pulls and give you new skills and techniques to change the 'drag' into a 'walk in park'. 

Workshop runs for 3 hours. 


A special workshop for those of you who have adopted or re-homed a dog, held at our training venue in Brundall. 

Owners of a rescue dog often need extra assistance and skills to help you work with the history, experiences and beahviour your dog had when they joined you and their new home. I have loved and owned several rescue dogs and would love to pass my knowledge on to you.

Workshop runs for 3 hours. 


Have you heard of 'clicker training' and wondered what it is, or want to learn more and give it a try? 

Our clicker training intro workshop is a perfect taster session to find out what it's all about and getting your dog started on their clicker journey, held at our training venue in Brundall. You'll be amazed what you can achieve in just 2 hours! 

Workshop runs for 2 hours. 


Are you up for learning some new skills and tricks with your dog, and have lots of fun while doing it? Then our tricks and targets workshop is for you!


We'll fire up your training skills, help you build your relationship and understanding of your dog and see just how clever your dog really is. 

Workshop runs for 3 hours. 


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