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Adventure Walks, Training Walks and home visits.


Would your dog love an Adventure Walk in the beautiful Broadland countryside?

We offer tailored walks just for them (or two dogs from the same househould). They get 100% of my attention and experience, with no need to worry about mixing with other unfamiliar dogs. I've had my own nervous or shy dogs in the past and found that they much preferred solo adventures. 

We can do riverside walks, woodland walks, countryside and local footpaths, secure dog fields and more! If your dog has a favourite place to go, we can probably do that too, within reason! 

These walks are a fantastic experience for dogs who:

  • Love to explore and sniff

  • Only get shorter walks during the rest of the week, for whatever reason

  • Need their own space to feel safe and confident 

  • Like to go at their own pace, and sample all that their surroundings have to offer

  • Need an outlet for all that enthusiasm and energy! (I have a Standard Poodle youngster, so I know just what these more active breeds need!)

Walks are available for 60 or 90 minutes. 

Some important things to note:

All dogs will remain on their lead until such time as I am fully confident of their recall back to me. 

This is for their safety and your peace of mind. Equally I will only allow dogs off their lead with the owner's permission. I use long-line training leads for Adventure Walks so your dogs can do as much exploring as they like as we walk. 

By Law all dogs must wear a collar and ID tag with their owner's details - this means your surname, your full address and (optional but sensible ) your telephone number(s).

My vehicle has secure dog guards including tailgate guard and boot divider guard for your best friend's full protection. Dogs are never left unattended in the vehicle.

Please contact me to book, I'll send you a link to our portal to manage your details, bookings and updates.


Our Training Walks are for puppies, rescue dogs, adolescent dogs, adult dogs…. all dogs!

These walks are just with your dog and take place in your local area, so the suroundings are familiar and your dog feels confident and safe. We tailor the training to work on skills that you feel your dog needs some help with. This could be loose lead walking, pulling on the lead, jumping up, real life socialising, working with distractions, recall (using a lead unless we're in a secure field), sits, downs, stays and much more! 

We'll first have a consultation to discuss your training needs, and I'll plan how we'll go about achieving your goals. After each session I will give you feedback notes, so you can see what we've worked on, and give you some tips to implement the training yourself so that you can progress the skills further between our Training Walks. 

Please contact me to book, I'll send you a link to our portal to manage your details, bookings and updates.  


Are there times when you feel your puppy or dog could do with some quality company, and you just can't be there? 

It could be that you're returning to the office after working from home, have a new puppy that just needs all of the attention all of the time, or your dog could be in a crate resting or recovering from an operation.


Whatever the reason, we now offer home visits, where we can let your dog outside, play with them, feed them, check on them and make sure they're safe and happy. We can also help with teaching puppies your household routines. 

We'll provide an update and photos after each visit, so you can have peace of mind while you're away from home. 

Please contact me to book, I'll send you a link to our portal to manage your details, bookings and updates.  


Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information about any of our services.

Training venue address:

Brundall Memorial Hall

Links Avenue,


NR13 5LL


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